Aiguille Rock Climbing Center Participant Agreement

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For Minor Participants: If your minor child will be presenting this form without you, the natural guardian, being present, they will be required to prove the authenticity of the signature. Have them bring a signed copy of the natural guardians drivers license with them upon their first visit to Aiguille.

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Please let us know how you found out about Aiguille
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A friend or Aiguille member boasted about climbing 5.12    
I searched for "rock climbing"    
I discovered the Aiguille website    
I discovered the Aiguille Facebook page    
I discovered the Aiguille Routesetting Blog    
I discovered the Aiguille portable climbing wall and wanted more    
I saw another website about Aiguille    
I was invited to try out for Team Aiguille    
I, or my child, attended a birthday party here    
My child attended a kids camp here    
I came with a church group    
I came with a school group    
I came with a private group    
I came with a work group    
I attended a Team Building event    
I saw a magazine or newspaper ad    
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