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We will use this to verify the identity of the person signing this waiver contract and that the person is at least 18 years old and/or the Parent or Legal Gaurdian if participant is a minor. *A physical check will be made of the driver's license before entry to the gym will be permitted. Minors must bring a copy of the signer's license to the facility or they will not be allowed to enter.
Please enter your complete Driver's License Number. (If the participant is under the age of 18, please provide the driver's license number of the Parent and/or Legal Guardian. A paper copy of the Parent and/or Legal Gaurdian license must accompany the minor to the gym for verification of signer.) *

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By checking here, you are consenting to the use of your electronic signature in lieu of an original signature on paper. You have the right to request that you sign a paper copy instead. By checking here, you are waiving that right. After consent, you may, upon written request to us, obtain a paper copy of an electronic record. No fee will be charged for such copy and no special hardware or software is required to view it. Your agreement to use an electronic signature with us for any documents will continue until such time as you notify us in writing that you no longer wish to use an electronic signature. There is no penalty for withdrawing your consent. You should always make sure that we have a current email address in order to contact you regarding any changes, if necessary.


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